This past Sunday, April 29th, I was lucky enough to give a presentation to my church at the Adult Forum, which, to my surprise and enjoyment, was well attended. Up until that point-this whole ordeal has felt somewhat surreal; Everything was a long ways away, I had ample time, school still had to finish and I wasn’t worried about fund-raising. Now I graduate in 6 days, I am in the process of completing a will and power of attorney, I’m applying for a Visa in NYC in 7 days, and I leave for Canada in just over a month. Shit is getting real-real quick. I leave for the Philippines on August 1st, which means I have roughly 92 days left on the North American continent, and I am super pumped.

In other Happenings, on May 18, The Brotherhood of St.Andrew will be hosting their annual Crawfish Boil, at my home church, Christ Episcopal, in Bowling Green-with the proceeds going to aid my fund-raising. We are currently in talks with several local television and radio shows in hopes of doing some on-air advertising and we have hopes that this will be the biggest one yet!

Also, if you feel so called, there is now an online donation option, which can be found here. It is an easy and 100% safe way to donate if you so choose. If the online way is not the way for you, please check out my Support Page and Sponsorship Calendar.

OH, and If any of you are interested in the Philippines, you should check out Bryna Rabehl. She is currently there serving the Peace Corps and has a fantastic blog and photos. I have recently reblogged her latest post detailing a Holy Week festivity-truly fascinating.

Thanks again for stopping in!


2 thoughts on “Happenings

  1. Also, regardless of whether or not you choose to pick a specific day, week, or month to sponsor, please let me know the amount of which you choose to pledge, knowing that will greatly aid in my book keeping and planning. Thank You!

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