This past Sunday, April 29th, I was lucky enough to give a presentation to my church at the Adult Forum, which, to my surprise and enjoyment, was well attended. Up until that point-this whole ordeal has felt somewhat surreal; Everything was a long ways away, I had ample time, school still had to finish and I wasn’t worried about fund-raising. Now I graduate in 6 days, I am in the process of completing a will and power of attorney, I’m applying for a Visa in NYC in 7 days, and I leave for Canada in just over a month. Shit is getting real-real quick. I leave for the Philippines on August 1st, which means I have roughly 92 days left on the North American continent, and I am super pumped.

In other Happenings, on May 18, The Brotherhood of St.Andrew will be hosting their annual Crawfish Boil, at my home church, Christ Episcopal, in Bowling Green-with the proceeds going to aid my fund-raising. We are currently in talks with several local television and radio shows in hopes of doing some on-air advertising and we have hopes that this will be the biggest one yet!

Also, if you feel so called, there is now an online donation option, which can be found here. It is an easy and 100% safe way to donate if you so choose. If the online way is not the way for you, please check out my Support Page and Sponsorship Calendar.

OH, and If any of you are interested in the Philippines, you should check out Bryna Rabehl. She is currently there serving the Peace Corps and has a fantastic blog and photos. I have recently reblogged her latest post detailing a Holy Week festivity-truly fascinating.

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aaaaas I may have mentioned 8 times, I went to Marinduque for the Moriones Festival.

Marinduque is known for this festival and annually thousands of people flock to the island for Holy Week. The main attraction are the hundreds of men and women who dress as Moriones, or Roman soldiers to depict the crucifixion story.

I’ll explain more of that…some other time. Later.

Apparently they spend all year creating their hand crafted masks and even hide them from their families to keep their secret identity hidden.

TONS of people were standing around waiting for the parade/reenactment of the crucifixion.

even the lil’ guys dressed up.

AND THEN. Jesus and his band of criminals started walking through the streets. Naturally the soldiers started kicking and whipping them. What else is a Roman soldier to do?

this picture was uploaded solely for the face of the girl on the right. It was actually kinda scary…

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Time for Tithes

Alright everyone the Sponsorship Calendar is up and running. As of right now, the dates of August 1 through November 15 have been sponsored. There is no particular order in which the dates need to be sponsored; so, please click here, look around, and pick out the date/s you would like to have!

One last thing, when you click the link above, and after it opens a new tab, go to the upper right hand corner and click on the “Month” tab. Once you have done that, forward through using the > button to November 16, which is now (but hopefully not for long) the first available date.


Hello Blogging Family

As I sit here in the Fine Arts Library, on UK’s campus, I cannot help but feel a plethora of emotions. I feel old for one thing, I promise the Kid next to me is 15 years old. Freshman and their long-boards……hate it….and why do they try and grow beards with that scraggly facial hair?  Anyways, along with that I feel reminiscent, I can still remember my first class in this building. Now when I walk through campus, instead of texting or listening to music, I remember, recall, and smile as I pass by the places of my life from the past 4 years. I feel a tad sad, too; After today, I have only two weeks left of being an undergraduate student, which is phenomenal because I’m sick of school. But, ya know, I love UK. I’ve met and made my best friends and countless memories (or lack thereof) at this place, and I suppose I’ve gotten a good education. Knowledge is Power! I feel happy, content, excited, nervous, etc. etc. I am pretty much running the gamut of emotions right now. But, most of all, I feel ready. I am ready to graduate, I am ready to move out of Lexington, I am ready to say goodbye to good times and old friends.

I am ready for the next chapter in my life.

The reason I have created this blog is to include you all in this next segment of my life. So, please read through the tabs above, and if you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me!